Creative Catalyst, Coach, and Inspired Ideator

Rick’s dynamic keynotes and presentations combine decades of entrepreneurial successes in creative industries with expertise enhanced by a Masters of Science in the burgeoning field of study in creativity and innovation.

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Learn the creative expertise to consistently achieve tomorrow’s breakthrough innovations


Energizing his audiences to reclaim their own creative potential is the driving purpose of Rick’s work. His talks motivate, provoke, educate, excite and transform each person’s ability to put their new creative skills into immediate action. “I’m in the business of expanding what’s possible”. Let Rick’s dynamic customized talks leave a lasting impression that will supercharge your culture’s innovative capacity.

A leading creativity expert and graduate professor on Workplace Creativity, Rick’s own breakthrough ideas grew into entrepreneurial successes in manufacturing, product design, art and retail providing inspiring stories and humorous anecdotes from inside his own companies’ innovation pipelines.

Speech topics include Individual, Organizational and Everyday creativity; the Process of Innovation; Cultures of creativity;Leadership in the Creative Workplace; Creative Problem Solving; The Martial Art of Creativity: lessons from the Samurai; Diversity and Creative Thinking profiles; Art as Open Source Creativity; the tools and techniques of enhanced collaboration and innovation.

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When it comes to creativity, “1” is the loneliest number. Improved collaboration, facilitated ideation and creative problem solving sessions, and one-on-one or team coaching are all ways to access higher levels of creative effectiveness. No high performance athlete, actor or professional achieves their greatness without coaches, directors and expert guidance. Give yourself and your organization the creativity coach with a lifetime of proven success and a passion for developing your creative greatness.


Customized experiential programs designed to expand your organization or team’s creative range and depth. Unlock the dormant capabilities inside your company by training everyone in the teachable, trainable, buildable skills of creativity. We never know the who, what or when of those breakthrough ideas that insure your industry leadership, but we do know how to maximize the probability of finding them. Our workshops are educationally engaging, personally empowering, and designed to build the collaborative communication skills that successful teams have mastered.

Ever feel the need for an outside catalyst to come in and shake things up, to reignite curiosity and motivation? Would you benefit from a new source of inspired vision? How do you keep creative brains continually intrigued, constantly stimulated to find novelty and new innovative connections? Our engaging interactive processes will take your thinking beyond the expected to spark new avenues of possibility.

The best reason to provide ongoing creative workshops in your workplace? No matter how successful you are, you just don’t know what you’re missing!