Creativity is today’s sword for survival. Learn to harness it or become irrelevant… or extinct.

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Rick’s dynamic keynotes and presentations combine decades of entrepreneurial successes in creative industries with expertise enhanced by a Masters of Science in the burgeoning field of study in creativity and innovation. He is an expert in all phases of individual and organizational creativity, including enhanced collaboration, the tools and techniques for innovative breakthroughs, creative assessments, and how to build and sustain cultures where creativity flourishes.

Equal parts creative catalyst , coach, and inspired ideator, Rick’s creative excitement will spark your teams best thinking.


Custom experiential programs designed to unlock the dormant creative capacity in your teams and organization. Creativity is a trainable skill that when exercised becomes more fluent and far reaching. Workshops enhance skills in the areas of the 4 P’s of Creativity: person, place, process and physical environment. Educationally engaging, personally empowering and designed to build on collaboration skills that are essential to the creative process that leads to innovations. Learning to find limitations is the surest way to unleash unseen possibilities.

FourSight™ Assessments

When you know your creative thinking profile, your productivity and effectiveness soar. This profoundly simple yet elegant assessment tool will shed light on the dynamics at play, both working alone and collaboratively with others. Learn how we each approach creative problem solving with our own unique preferences toward clarifying problems, coming up with many ideas, developing those ideas or implementing them into tangible products and processes. Expect improved team communication, appreciation and innovation as a result.

Creative Catalyst

What sparks the ideas that produce those industry disrupters? Where do you get inspiration? How do you keep creative brains engaged, intrigued and continually curious? Can we provoke breakthrough thinking and creative epiphanies by supplying the right stimuli? Yes, we can. Be transported beyond ordinary thinking with these talks and processes specifically designed to trigger your connection making, and unexpected possibilities. We all need a spark and a trigger to escape ordinary thinking. Get ready for fireworks!

Educator and Coach

Take your creative skills, leadership and innovative thinking to a whole new level. Engage with a creativity teacher and coach whose expansive creative work in many industries will expand your own expression and ideas. No one achieves their greatest successes without expert guidance and mentoring. Creativity is a martial art: learn it, establish deliberate creative practice and keep training to stay at peak creative performance.